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1) Why do you want to join this community?
I have been lurking for a loooong time now. I just kept waiting and waiting for the perfect pictures. I don't do my makeup much any more. Tonight I finally thought just do it. I want to get back into makeup - it's hard when you are busy with two little kids and being a part of this would give me a reason to do my makeup - and then I could post pics. ;)

2) What's your favorite daily makeup? (describe eyes, lips, skin, etc.)
Right now it's wash my face and Philosophy's clear make-up (that I would die without), although I want to be better about sprucing up a little more.

3) What's your favorite daily hair?</b></font>
Green. Pretty much a Chelsea.  (but I still wear my bandanna a lot, lol).

4) List your 5 favorite bands.
Rancid, Op Ivy, Distillers, Leftover Crack, Filth

5) What do you think you can offer this community? What do you think you can get from this community?
I have some talents that have wasted away for a long time. I hope to be able to share some good ideas I have that aren't showcased here. I love make-up and have been doing it for a long time but I still have a lot to learn esp. on the technical part. I just want to keep getting better.

6) 5+ pictures of my makeup -

Crappy webcam pics -

Old -

Older -

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