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My savior!!!

This entry may seem like a bit of bragging and...okay, maybe it's a TINY bit of that, but really, it's my love for MAC Russian Red lipstick.

I recently won a contest, as I mentioned a few weeks ago. I got the chance to meet, interview, talk with, etc. my #1 all-time favorite "rockstar". I was originally told that after some of my contest obligations (filming, etc.) that I'd have an hour and a half to get ready before I'd go meet the star. Well, that 1.5 hours turned into 6 minutes. (!!!) I'm a complete girl, so this was HORRIFYING to me.

Thank GOD for Russian Red lippie, though! A little lipliner, that lipstick and a swipe of Vanilla pigment on the cheeks helped me to feel so much more put-together than I ever thought I could accomplish in 6 minutes. BOO-YAH!!!

SQUEE! I now feel the need to make sure I have a backup tube on me at all times. haha
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