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Fun Makeup For Fun Chicks! [entries|friends|calendar]
Everything makeup for punks!

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Anybody have "Wedge" eyeshadow by Mac [Wednesday
October 5th, 2011]

That you're willing to sell?

Help a grrrl out!
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Stamped [Sunday
September 18th, 2011]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Helllooooooooo out there!!

I don't think I've posted in here since last Halloween with my Beetlejuice costume?!?!

Whoa now!! Here's some pictures from 2010 / 2011 for you! I always got so much from this community in the past, so I would love to contribute to it again and bring it back to life!

picture overloadCollapse )

I hope everyone has been well!!

Feel free to follow me on Tumblr since I don't use this anymore: http://everpink.tumblr.com


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September 11th, 2011]
I used to be Guadalamary. This community is beyond dead. Let's make it undead. Post anything. Something interesting, weird, music related. DO IT

Post!Collapse )

and you all should check out Nelly Recchia. Her stuff is sick.
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sorry to post so much just havin fun with my makeup lately [Thursday
August 18th, 2011]


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2 looks [Sunday
August 14th, 2011]

went to two CH3 shows yesterday! they're amazing

picturesCollapse )
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Application [Wednesday
August 10th, 2011]

1) Why do you want to join this community?
I have been lurking for a loooong time now. I just kept waiting and waiting for the perfect pictures. I don't do my makeup much any more. Tonight I finally thought just do it. I want to get back into makeup - it's hard when you are busy with two little kids and being a part of this would give me a reason to do my makeup - and then I could post pics. ;)

2) What's your favorite daily makeup? (describe eyes, lips, skin, etc.)
Right now it's wash my face and Philosophy's clear make-up (that I would die without), although I want to be better about sprucing up a little more.

3) What's your favorite daily hair?</b></font>
Green. Pretty much a Chelsea.  (but I still wear my bandanna a lot, lol).

4) List your 5 favorite bands.
Rancid, Op Ivy, Distillers, Leftover Crack, Filth

5) What do you think you can offer this community? What do you think you can get from this community?
I have some talents that have wasted away for a long time. I hope to be able to share some good ideas I have that aren't showcased here. I love make-up and have been doing it for a long time but I still have a lot to learn esp. on the technical part. I just want to keep getting better.

Here goes -Collapse )
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August 9th, 2011]

That didn't work at all so sorry and embarrassed.
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Jac Vanek Casting Call [Monday
May 16th, 2011]

[ mood | artistic ]

Do you think you have what it takes to become the next face of a popular clothing line?  Do you dream of styling or doing makeup for a fashion photoshoot?

Jac Vanek just launched her Summer 2011 line and she's looking for a superstar Model, Stylist, and Makeup Artist for her upcoming photoshoot!  That's right, we're holding an open casting call on Buzznet!

If you think you have what it takes, show us what you've got and enter the Jac Vanek Photoshoot Casting Contest!

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Today!! [Thursday
April 21st, 2011]

large photos!
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IMATS NYC!!! [Tuesday
April 12th, 2011]

Yay! My full review of IMATS (along with pictures & video) is up on my blog! CLICK THE BANNER TO GO AND SEE THE VIDEO/RECAP!! (Oh, and uk_beth, you're in the vid!)

YAY! Let me know what you guys think! (And sorry to whore this out, but subscribe to my blog if it's something you're interested in. I'm going to be doing a pretty bangin' giveaway on it soon!)
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huuuuge post [Tuesday
March 29th, 2011]

sorry for the crappy quality, but i want you people to post more so i'm posting some looks i've done in the past few months :D

Read more...Collapse )
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New Camera! [Friday
March 4th, 2011]

makeupageCollapse )
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Herro! [Wednesday
February 16th, 2011]

I'm finally starting to get the hang of my new camera that I got for Christmas! Woohoo! I figured out how to take pictures that pretty accurately show the color of the makeup I have on. That's a first. ;)

So be warned, folks - SILLY FACES AHOY under the cut. Oh, and there's a cat under there, too. She doesn't bite, promise.

Now listen up...she's razor-sharp.Collapse )
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DC Makeup Meetup! [Monday
February 14th, 2011]

Just to make sure everyone who wants them has the details....

When: This Saturday, February 19th, 12:30 pm.

Where: Meeting up at Ledo's Pizza (1721 Wisconsin Ave. NW)

It's the first (I think??) DC Makeup Meetup! Here's the dealio:
We'll meet up for lunch at Ledo's Pizza at 12:30 pm. We'll eat some cheap-o lunch, and then roam around Georgetown together! There's a MAC store, Sephora, LUSH, and other non-makeup related stores to roam around.

A few things:
1) This event is open to ANYONE. Seriously. Any age, gender, whatever!
2) This meetup is just that - A MEET UP! We're all just looking to have fun and meet new people who have the same interests. Just because you might not be able to buy anything at the stores we go to does not mean you shouldn't come! Hell, I'll admit it - *I* probably won't even have the money to buy anything! I just want to have fun. :)

The weather is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL - about 50 degrees and sunny!
Pass this info around to anyone who might be interested!
I can't wait to meet all of you! xoxo
- Linda (a.k.a. cruxgothgirlie on LJ/Twitter)

Here's the link to the Facebook invite!! RSVP there if you're on Facebook!!

(Now that it's this weekend, I'm getting super nervous!)
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dslr cameras [Friday
January 21st, 2011]

anybody recommend a brand/model? thanx!
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DC Makeup meetup! [Tuesday
January 11th, 2011]

Okay, kids, here we go!!!

The first (I believe??) DC Makeup Meetup will be held:
SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 19TH in Washington, DC.

All of the details can be found by CLICKING HERE and going to the Facebook event page. I figured that if you're on LJ, chances are that you're also on Facebook.

Please, PLEASE RSVP on the page if you can so I can get an idea of how many of you are coming! Pass the link around to anyone and everyone who you think would be interested.

I can't wait to meet a bunch of you!! xoxo

(By the way, in case you didn't already know, my name is Linda.) :)
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the night of the living dead [Wednesday
November 10th, 2010]

Dia de los Muertos photo shoot. Photos+makeup by Andrea Kennedy


moreCollapse )
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November 2nd, 2010]

I was a villain, and did my friends sugar skull and regular skull makeup
holloween!!!Collapse )
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Stamped. Halloween! [Sunday
October 31st, 2010]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey everyone!

I decided to be Beetlejuice for Halloween this year!

here's some pictures!!Collapse )

I also got my haircut for the first time in two years!Collapse )

Other recent stuff!Collapse )

And that's the last few months caught up! haha


P.S. Follow me on Tumblr if you have an account: http://everpink.tumblr.com

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Points [Tuesday
October 19th, 2010]

[ mood | cheerful ]

This weekend, my husband and friends threw me a surprise party for my (*gulp*) 30th birthday. It was completely awesome and amazing. The best part, though, was my cake. ;)

More pics under the cutCollapse )

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My savior!!! [Friday
October 15th, 2010]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

This entry may seem like a bit of bragging and...okay, maybe it's a TINY bit of that, but really, it's my love for MAC Russian Red lipstick.

I recently won a contest, as I mentioned a few weeks ago. I got the chance to meet, interview, talk with, etc. my #1 all-time favorite "rockstar". I was originally told that after some of my contest obligations (filming, etc.) that I'd have an hour and a half to get ready before I'd go meet the star. Well, that 1.5 hours turned into 6 minutes. (!!!) I'm a complete girl, so this was HORRIFYING to me.

Thank GOD for Russian Red lippie, though! A little lipliner, that lipstick and a swipe of Vanilla pigment on the cheeks helped me to feel so much more put-together than I ever thought I could accomplish in 6 minutes. BOO-YAH!!!

Warning! The pic under the cut is HUGE.Collapse )

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Punk makeup on Facebook! [Tuesday
October 12th, 2010]


I just made a facebook for this page! I figured, since more people are on there now... maybe we can be a community there and it would be easier to share!


If the link doesnt work, search "LJ Punk Makeup"

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YAY! I finally have SOMETHING TO POST! [Monday
October 4th, 2010]

[ mood | awake ]

It's not much... but its something!!

I went to a wedding, so I had a reason to get all dressed up for once!

I just did gold and black.. but I made my own clip-in hair extensions. My hair is actually above shoulder-length A line right now that Im growing out!

+2 here.. boring!Collapse )
xxoo!  Im looking forward to some RAD halloweeeeeeen posts!

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September 23rd, 2010]

ok so i have makeup pics, but im wondering if anyone in the community is a tattoo artist. ive been wanting to get started, but don't know where to or what equipment to buy that won't break right away. anyways, if anyone can help that'd b cool. so heres some pics

clickCollapse )
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Pictures! [Wednesday
September 15th, 2010]

I just found a look on my computer from mid-August that I never posted. Huh. It was based on Jasmine's (a.k.a. JazzieBabyCakes) tutorial, but adapted so that I could get away with it at my office.

If I was going out with this, I'd take the colors up higher and add HUGE frickin' lashes, but I was pretty happy with it. :)

So be sure that you are making the best of life.Collapse )
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HULLO [Friday
September 10th, 2010]

[ mood | artistic ]

Whaaazzz up girls?

my plan fell thru tonight and was kinda pissed for getting ready for nothing.  -__-

but I have few photos i want to share

and I took the plunge cutting my orange bangs! wah!

Read more...Collapse )

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Postin' [Friday
August 27th, 2010]

[ mood | amused ]


chopped off the hurr on the side of my head, got a new tattoo, played with some eyeshadows and re-did my brows. Read more...Collapse )
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August 27th, 2010]

i didnt disappear! i just havent been posting, because this has been my makeup almost everyday for... a long while.
every dayyyCollapse )

but when i decide to do more interesting things, you know i'll be postin!
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A lil somethin' somethin' [Tuesday
August 3rd, 2010]


More behind the cutCollapse )
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FOT-What?!? [Friday
July 9th, 2010]

Linda's posting twice in a week?! What in the helly-hell is going on?! ;)

I have to admit that I sorta jumped on the Stereo Rose bandwagon. A co-worker of mine gave me her half-used one about 2 years ago, and I used the HELL out of that thing. I'm talkin' down to the pan, scraping out the leftover product with a bobby pin to use every last bit. (I'm not an addict, I swear!) On Monday, I put one on hold at my local store and I got it last night. The bromance between us has begun all over again.

*ahem* But I digress. One last caress...Collapse )
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