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I'm finally starting to get the hang of my new camera that I got for Christmas! Woohoo! I figured out how to take pictures that pretty accurately show the color of the makeup I have on. That's a first. ;)

So be warned, folks - SILLY FACES AHOY under the cut. Oh, and there's a cat under there, too. She doesn't bite, promise.

First look....

Yes. We're all aware that I don't know how to make faces that most would call "normal". ;)

Sushi Flower e/s (MAC), Naked e/s (UD), Sin e/s (UD), Vanilla e/s (MAC), Buff e/s (UD), Virgin e/s (UD). Kat Von D liner. Blushbaby blush (MAC). Cosmo l/s (MAC)

Second look (today)...

#92 e/s (MUFE), Violet pigment (MAC), Stars n' Rockets e/s (MAC), Crystal Avalanche e/s (MAC), Gesso e/s (MAC). Kat Von D liner. Smolder liner (MAC). Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara. Mix of lipsticks.

And as promised...

GOD, my cat is a whore. ;)

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