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This weekend, my husband and friends threw me a surprise party for my (*gulp*) 30th birthday. It was completely awesome and amazing. The best part, though, was my cake. ;)

Here's a slew of cake pictures...and other slightly embarrassing pics that show my makeup from the night pretty well.

Another cake shot.

I FRICKIN' LOVED MY CAKE! It was key lime vanilla flavored. *drool*


And yes....it was difficult to cut. Here's a series of me looking demented as HELL while trying to cut the cake.


My Space shot, FTW!

Oh, if anyone is wondering, I was just wearing Blackground pp, Carbon e/s, Violet pigment & Vanilla e/s on the eyes.

HELP ME OUT HERE, FOLKS!! I laughed my ass off at the party. When my husband first showed me the cake, he said (and I quote), "So, do you think this will get me major husband points on the makeup communities on Live Journal?"

I said "yes"....but what do you guys think? Does he win points? ;D
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