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YAY! I finally have SOMETHING TO POST!

It's not much... but its something!!

I went to a wedding, so I had a reason to get all dressed up for once!

I just did gold and black.. but I made my own clip-in hair extensions. My hair is actually above shoulder-length A line right now that Im growing out!

..but this is usually my everyday look.. super boring........... waaaah  But im looking for a job in corporate so I gotta look all polished. boo!

xxoo!  Im looking forward to some RAD halloweeeeeeen posts!
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Grrrl. I can see your leopard print bra haha
Nice job on the clip on extensions! You looked way cute
Love the dress! and you look stunning!
yes I can't wait for halloween this year!
i love gold/black makeup too. with red lips it's a show stopper.
you two look great!
ooooh! so sessy!!! great makeup!
I have the same dress! haha but mine is all black, i like yours alot better!