die Lindenbilder (cruxgothgirlie) wrote in punk_makeup,
die Lindenbilder


I just found a look on my computer from mid-August that I never posted. Huh. It was based on Jasmine's (a.k.a. JazzieBabyCakes) tutorial, but adapted so that I could get away with it at my office.

If I was going out with this, I'd take the colors up higher and add HUGE frickin' lashes, but I was pretty happy with it. :)

I don't remember everything I used, but I *do* remember...
- Sugarpill Absinthe loose shadow
- MAC Plumage e/s
- MAC Gesso e/s
- Sugarpill Poison Plum e/s

...and...umm...yeah, I forget what else, because I win at life. Just keepin' active! :)
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