middaysaregrey (middaysaregrey) wrote in punk_makeup,

hard candy cosmetics at WALMART

ive been eyeing these, wondering about them... wondering why they are sold at walmart.... finally decided to try a few products.

i got the foiled again metallic shadow stick in "celestine", hoping i could use this as an eyeshadow base or highlight... and i dont like it. its way too shimmery, has some bigger flecks of glitter in it, i just dont like it at all. i liked it swatched on my hand, but when you spread it to make a thinner, more even layer, you can see all the chunks of glitter and i think they look stupid :[

i got a baked eyeshadow duo in "peace" and i like it a lot. a shimmery/pearly set of neutrals perfect for a pin-up eye. i like it.

and last but not least, i got a baked blush in "honeymoon" which im kind of loving, adds a nice glow to my cheeks, works well as a highlight. looks nice alone or over another blush.

who else has tried the hard candy walmart line? ive heard good things about their foundation primer and lippies, and not so good things about their concealer palette, this makes me sad because the packaging is cute. haha
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